Disciple Maker Index Summary of Results

In February 2017, our parish took part in a national study called the Disciple Maker Index.  The goal of this study is to provide parishioners with an opportunity to reflect on their spiritual growth and involvement in the parish, in turn providing insight to parish leadership as to how to help people grow as disciples of Jesus.

While a variety of statistics are available, provided for you are the top three areas that have significant relevance in the areas of strengths and opportunities for growth.

Our Strengths (In all of the following strengths, St. Pius X ranked significantly higher than the national average for parishes our size)

·         Welcoming: 59% Strongly Agree, 33% Agree-“The parish helps me connect with a local Catholic community by…Making me feel welcomed and accepted” 

·         Recommending Our Parish: 70% Strongly Agree, 24% Agree-“I would recommend my parish to a friend”. 

·         Recommending Pastor: 77% Strongly Agree, 18% Agree-“I would recommend my pastor to a friend”.

Opportunities for Growth

  • Identifying parishioners needs: 25% Strongly Agree-“The parish helps me grow spiritually by forming me as a disciple of Christ”. 
    • The results from a broad span of ages are very diverse, and so it is our hope to discover further, the desires and needs of all people in our parish.
  • Equipping us to share our story: 13% shared their personal story quarterly with someone. 13% shared the story of Jesus quarterly with someone.
    • 11% Strongly agree “My parish equips me to have conversations about my faith with family and friends by…Teaching me how to share my personal witness story
    • 16% Strongly agree “My parish equips me to have conversations about my faith with family and friends by…Teaching me how to share the story of Jesus
  • Inviting others.
    • 76% have never or less than once a year invited someone to mass.
    • 71% have never or less than once a year invited someone to a parish activity.

What do these numbers mean?

St Pius X Parish has been greatly blessed.  We are proud of our parish, and our doors are open to others. Our areas of strength signify that we are a welcoming community.    Our strength as a welcoming community can move us deeper to being not just “welcoming”, but ‘inviting” as well.  Our ease in recommending our parish and the pastor, is evidence that we are willing to share our faith and encourage others to join us. As a parish we will strive to strengthen our inclination to participate in an open invitation to others and invite others to experience the excitement of Jesus Christ.

In Luke 12:48, we are reminded that “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.”  Our strengths indicate that we have been given much.  Our areas of opportunity indicate that more has been entrusted to us.


Where do you see yourself in this picture?  When recommending our parish to someone, could you share a little more about your own personal faith story?  Is there someone in your life who inspires you by their example of faith and have you shared this story with others? Has there been an experience in your life when you felt you had an encounter with Christ?  Have you ever taken a moment to write or tell another person about it?  What is preventing you from the simple act of inviting a family member, neighbor, co-worker or friend to join us in the celebration of Mass?  Do you realize how important you are to the Catholic community and St. Pius X… no matter what you story may be?  We are all essential parts of the One Body of Christ.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey.  Information will be used to continue to make St. Pius X and our Catholic community a place to call home.  Consider the reflection questions, and as always, offering feedback to assist in the further development of our parish is welcomed. Please contact Father Mike Eckley, to share your input or ideas.  Fr. Mike Eckley, michaeleckley@yahoo.com, 402-558-8446.