Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC)

Another secondary ministry within the Eucharistic Assembly is to help distribute the Eucharistic Body and Blood of Christ in a dignified and orderly fashion: assuring a reverent and respectful distribution of the Eucharist in a timely manner.  But bringing the Body and Blood of Christ to God’s People assembled at worship is just one way of being an active EMHC.  Bringing, at another time, the Eucharist to those within our community who are homebound, hospitalized or living in residential institutions, is another way of being an active EMHC.  EMHCs may choose to exercise both or one or the other manner of serving God’s People.  An annual archdiocesan training in August leading to  a September mandation liturgy at the cathedral by the archbishop is initially required of anyone wanting to be an active EMHC in either manner.


Contact:  Anne McGuire, 558-1847

EMHC’s to Homebound: Rita Ramos, 558-8446