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Dear Friends,

We would like to extend a special thank you to those who participated in the recent One Spirit, One Vision, One Community Planning Study conducted in March and April for our parishes and school. We received a wonderful response, feedback that is extremely beneficial as we look to the future of our community.
After gathering and analyzing data from the study, representatives from the Steier Group reported their findings to us on April 18. The feedback they received did not surprise us. The results indicate widespread support for many elements of our master plan.
The financial goals, facility improvements and technology enhancements are viewed as important and are well-supported for both parishes and the school.

For St. Leo Parish, people expressed the need for more                               information on the proposed Youth Center and                                               Adoration Chapel. We are reviewing the plans and will                                 provide much more detail on this proposed project and                               how it will positively impact the parish.

79 percent of participants in the study said they will make a personal gift to the campaign.

53 participants indicated they would serve as a member of the campaign volunteer team.

Based on the information above, the Steier Group recommended that our parishes and school move forward with a campaign to benefit the entire Pius/Leo community. Seeing the strong support, we agree to proceed with the effort. You will hear much more about these important projects in the coming weeks and months.

Once again, thank you for participating in this critical study for our parishes and school. Your input has been extremely beneficial and will help to ensure the success of our upcoming campaign. With the Lord guiding us and our community, our efforts will be abundantly blessed.

God Bless,

Cory Sepich                     Fr. Craig Loecker                    Fr. Mike Eckley              SPSL Principal               St. Leo the Great Pastor    St. Pius X Pastor