Respect Life


The St. Pius X Respect Life committee desires to work in collaboration with other organizations to evangelize, advocate, pray and promote activities that celebrate and foster a culture of life here at St. Pius X and beyond.

Respect Life Prayer

Heavenly Father, source of all life, we pledge this day to respect your gift of life in all its forms, especially the weak and most vulnerable.  We beg your assistance in giving witness to the infinite value of all human life.

The life of the young, the life of the old, the life of the prisoner, the life of the sick, the life of the stranger, the life of the poor, the life of the family, the life of the nation , the life of the church, the life of the world, life eternal, and our share in life divine.  Amen.

The many activities include but are not limited to:

Helpful Links:

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Volunteer Opportunities:

Interested people can become involved in many ways.  The committee meets on the 1st Saturday of the month at 7:30 am.  Or you may take part in any of the listed activities.  These are regularly promoted through the parish.

Contact: Mary Morris, Lisa Jones, Tracy Potter